Saturday, October 15, 2011

Starting Fresh

I've had this blog for about two years, but I haven't done much with it. Recently, I've been planning some changes and improvements  for the YouTube channel and associated sites, and insha'Allah I'm starting here on the blog. In general, I'd like to be more active in sharing knowledge, and insha'Allah I think the text blog, requiring far less time and work than the channel, will help me to get more out more often.

So insha'Allah here's what you can expect to start seeing from this blog:
-New original blog posts
-Videos converted into blog form
-Blog post that may later be converted into videos (giving you the first look at new material)
-Updates and news about the channel
-Campaigns, contests, and projects from Dawah Addict

and of course all new videos as they come out.

Jazakum Allahu khair to everybody for reading, and make sure to share this page, as well as the channel itself.



  1. hai saya dari indonesia, saya baca kisah anda mengenal islam. apa itu seluruhnya benar? tolong beri jawaban ke

  2. ow do keep on posting more about Islam..i was born Islam but i don't hv such courage like u..watching your courage (what u did in US) really inspired me..n i wish i hv that kind of courage.. do u hv facebook so i can get in touch with u? really counting on u - from Malaysia