Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple Sadaqa - Charity: Water

Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salaatu wa Salaam 'ala rasoolullah
(In the name of Allah, Praise belongs to Allah, and Prayers and Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah)

"Sadaqa extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire."
-Prophet Muhammad (saws)

Assalaamu 'alaikum! Peace be upon you!

Sadaqa (Charity) is one of the easiest and most fundamental ways of worshipping the Creator. Sometimes charity can seem complicated, or only accessible to those who can pledge large amounts, but in reality, it is so simple.

I've started a 90-day campaign with an organization called Charity: Water to raise $7000 to provide clean drinking water to the people in Ethiopia whose suffering is completely unnecessary. You have the opportunity to help save lives, and we know that whoever saves one life, it's like saving all of humanity.

Give whatever you can, big or small, to help people get the most basic of necessities: water.

We're not talking about buying a bunch of Poland Spring. We're talking about digging wells. That means continuous, sustainable water for communities in Northern Ethiopia who need it badly. That means women NOT having to walk for miles just to collect dirty polluted water to drink. Next time you turn on your faucet, let it be a reminder to you. If you can't donate a lot, donate a little. If you wish you could donate more, you can help by asking others to donate. Do the most you can insha'Allah.

100% of your donation funds drilling equipment that will bring clean water to people in Ethiopia. In addition, Charity: Water will track our donations through GPS so we can see exactly how and where our money is being used. Go to to learn more and to donate.

This is such an incredible organization and I urge you to participate insha'Allah, and to encourage everyone you know to do so as well. Even if you can't give much yourself, you can go to your family, friends, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, even strangers, and ask them to contribute to this cause. Send everyone you know to

Sadaqa. It's so simple.


  1. Muslim people are usually not well versed of their duties in life and thus might require certain help to gain complete information regarding it.There are many islamic donation centers that have opened Muslim school for kids especially for girls who are unable to study due to lack of finances.