Frequently Asked Questions about Islam

Q: Who is Allah? What does "Allah" mean?
A: Allah is the Arabic word for God. The word "Allah" is used by Arabic speaking Jews, Christians, and Muslims to refer to God. Allah is not a different God.

Q: Do Muslims believe in the same God as Jews and Christians?
A: Yes, but Muslims, like Jews, do not recognize the Christian concept of the Trinity. We believe that God is absolutely One without exception.

Q: What does "Islam" mean?
A: Islam is an Arabic word that means "submission to God's will." It is the name given to the way of life taught by all of God's prophets.

Q: Are "Islam" and "Muslim" the same or different?
A: Islam is the name of the religion. A Muslim is a person who practices Islam.

Q: Do Muslims believe in Jesus (pbuh)?
A: Yes, very much so. Jesus (pbuh) is an important part of Islam. We believe that Jesus (pbuh) was born of the Virgin Mary, that he was the prophet of God, the messenger of God, the Messiah, a word and a spirit from God, and a servant of God. We do not, however, consider him to be God or the son of God, and reject completely the idea that Jesus (pbuh) ever claimed this of himself. We also believe that God saved Jesus (pbuh) from being crucified, that Jesus (pbuh) ascended to heaven alive (and remains alive today), and that he will return during the Last Days.

Q: Which English translation of the Qur'an should I read?
A: There are many different translations of the meaning of the Qur'an out there. Some are better than others, but none are perfect, because only the true Arabic Qur'an is the actual perfect Qur'an. However, of all the translations I have come across, I think the best one, especially for non-Muslims, new Muslims, and Muslims who are looking for a more accessible translation, is the Abdel Haleem Translation of the Qur'an. It presents the Qur'an in clear, understandable language, while remaining as close as possible to the true meaning, emotion, and implication.